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Jeff is the ideal contractor. Let us count the ways:

1. He listens.

2. He keeps his word.

3. He maintains timely and effective communication.

4. He treats his clients the way he would like to be treated.

5. He builds excellent homes.

6. He remodels homes and cottages.*

7. He thinks - critically and creatively - about the best way to attain his client's goals.

8. He has resources and contacts in the area that complement his own knowledge and skills.

9. He adheres to the contractual budget, yet is flexible enough to accommodate client revisions.

10. He remains available to do additional work for loyal customers.

*For lake cottages built in the early 1900's, installation of modern conveniences and technologies is designed to satisfy the client's desire, whether that is to preserve the original cottage ambiance or to modernize.
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