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The Value of Experience

When building a new home experience is worth its weight in gold, and dealing with a good contractor you can trust will save you the headaches and unforeseen complications than can turn your dream-home project into a nightmare. Nelund Construction has been building quality homes in south-western Michigan for over two decades. We've made a lot of fans, and we have the experience and the resources to take you from start to finish, while working with you to address your desires and concerns every step of the way.

No Prints? No Problem!

"I work with professional prints, but I could build a house from a drawing on a scrap of paper." -Jeff Nelund, Owner What we mean by "No Prints? No Problem!" is that you don't need to endure the time and the expense of having professional drawings and specifications made up to show us how to do what we've been doing for over 30 years. Whatever your vision for your new home is, our skilled team can help you make it a reality.

Discussion and The Details

We discuss your project with you in order to work out all of the specifics. Ultimately all of the finish and furnishing details of your new home are your decision. You'll shop around to decide exactly what you want for your new home (from flooring and cabinets to siding and shingles). We'll help guide you through this process and offer input based on our experience until all of the specifics are in-place. We stay up to date on all local zoning ordinances, and we'll go over any possible zoning issues with you and propose solutions. Once the project begins Nelund Construction will obtain all necessary permits.

The Contract

A job begins with and revolves around a contract. A contract gives the project the necessary focus, and ensures that what you've started will come to completion on time, on budget, and as expected. Nelund Construction is able to stay on-budget, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate inevitable revisions throughout the life of the project.

The Quality Materials Difference

Nelund Construction uses only premium framing lumber, and the difference is remarkable. We've worked with area suppliers and lumber yards for over 20 years, and we bring that marketplace knowledge and experience to every job. We believe that quality materials and good workmanship amount to an immeasurable value over the life of your home, and it's just the way we like to do business.

Final Stages

When your home is in it's final stages we get together with you and go over a punch-list to make sure you are completely satisfied, and address any final questions. Once the final construction is complete, and your new home passes all inspections, we give you a certification of occupancy. All that's left is to move in and make your dream house a home!